How can I personally take action against ocean pollution?

Ender Ocean answers this question, simply, through the creation of the video game Ender Ocean – Your mission: Clean up the Oceans -, a game unlike any other. The principle: locate and collect waste (plastic bags, bottles, lost nets…) thanks to underwater robots connected to a collection boat, in order to recycle them later, all from home.

The project was born from the desire to find a permanent solution to reduce marine pollution and pressure on coastal biodiversity. The originality of the solution provided comes from the fact that it is self-financed by another industry: that of video games and entertainment. The underwater robots are, in fact, piloted by video game players connected remotely from their personal PCs.

How to pilot robots while waiting for the release of the game?

To start piloting, you need to register on the platform and create your account. Then, you need to reserve piloting slots in order to receive your login link by email. Then, all you have to do is log in on the day at the scheduled time in order to start your piloting session. We strongly advise you to check your internet connection beforehand in order to avoid any problems during your experience.

What do I need to play?

To play ENDER OCEAN, you need a PC with an up-to-date Firefox or Chrome web browser and an internet connection (minimum 2Mb line recommended without firewalls or VPN).

Onboard, you will be able to pilot the robot with your keyboard or with a joystick from the market: PS4, PS3, XBoxOne, XBox360 (equipment and connection not provided).

How to get an access code?

You will receive your login code by email when you book your driving slot.

How do I book a piloting session?

To book a training session, simply:

  • Go to “Training center”
  • Book your time
  • Proceed with payment

To book a natural driving session, simply:

  • Go to “Events”
  • Choose an upcoming event open to pilots
  • Click on the link to access the calendar
  • Book your time
  • Proceed with payment


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