Ender Ocean moves to Château Moulerens

After several months of research, we finally found the pool where to dive our robots, and the installation is soon!

The Ender fleet will move into a beautiful Olympic pool at Château Moulerens in Gradignan. We look forward to the completion of the work in progress and that the latter is again filled to welcome our robots.

The launch of the remote training sessions will allow everyone to contribute to the project while having fun. This is our last stretch before the official launch of the first levels of the Ender Ocean – Your Mission: Clean the Ocean video game.

You will be free to set the rate for your 15-minute session. The minimum amount is €7 including taxes, and the funds collected will be used to carry out awareness-raising operations and clean-up missions in the natural environment.

After your session, you can also fill out a questionnaire to give us your feedback and thus contribute to the improvement of the Ender Ocean project.

If you’re still not registered, it’s this way!


19, Avenue Charles et Emile Lestage
contact @ enderocean.com

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