1/ What is Ender Ocean?

ENDER OCEAN is a company with a mission (as defined by the Pact law) that offers innovative, open, replicable solutions capable of cleaning rivers and coastlines of plastic or fishing waste in the collective interest.

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2/ Who can play the game Ender Ocean – Your Mission: Clean Up the Oceans?

Everyone. This is a Free to Play game for the general public.

3/ When will the game be available?

The first levels of the game will be available in June 2022.

4/ What are the conditions to play it?

You just need a good internet connection and a web browser (Mozilla or Chrome).

5/ Do I need a PC Gamer ?

No, it is not necessary.

6/ How can I support you?

You can support us by booking one of our piloting sessions to take control of one of our robots in the pool. You can also follow us on our social networks and talk about the project around you.

7/ I wanted to book a session, but it doesn’t work!

Write to us at : contact@enderocean.com

8/ What payment methods are accepted to book my pool training session?

Three types of credit cards are accepted for the moment: PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD, and CARTE BLEUE.

9/ Are bank transactions secure?

Bank transactions are secured through Paypal.

10/ I tried to connect to my session but it doesn’t work!

First of all, check your internet connection. If not, you can try by changing your browser (if you are on Chrome, try on Mozilla or vice versa). And finally, as a last solution, you can try to empty your caches and refresh the page. If this still doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to contact our team by email: contact@enderocean.com

11/ Where can I find the code to access my session?

When you booked, you normally received a confirmation email that contains the link to your session. If this is not the case, we invite you to look in your spam or to contact our team by email: contact@enderocean.com

12/ I don’t live in France, can I still play?

Yes, you can. The only requirements are to have a good internet connection and to use a web browser.

13/ I never receive emails or newsletter from Ender Ocean.

First of all, check that they have not arrived in your spam or junk mail box. It is also possible that the email address you entered is wrong. To check it, go to “My Account” and if it is wrong, you can change it yourself, or send an email to contact@enderocean.com so that our technical team makes the change.


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