A Team Building with ENDER OCEAN

Work on team cohesion around robot steering, solving puzzles and raising awareness about plastic pollution. Solve an unusual track game at the heart of the Ender Ocean universe with one of our robots: Charly, Andrew or Bonzo!

We are in 2030, the Waste Monsters, plastic creatures, have invaded our oceans, and threaten our entire ecosystem. Professor O’Sean, a great scientist, is working on a formula to eradicate these pests that pollute our beautiful planet.

He locked this secret recipe in a safe. To find the password, you will have to perform a series of tests and find the letters that compose it. If you miss, the inside of the trunk explodes.

That’s why we decided to hire a team of professionals, you.

If you feel able to overcome the various challenges, contact us!


19, Avenue Charles et Emile Lestage
contact @ enderocean.com

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