Thanks to you!

To finance our project, we used crowdfunding, also called crowdfunding. The principle is simple: on an online donation platform, each contributor offers the amount of their choice. It can be a real source of funding, or it can be a “push”. 

Our campaign ran on the KissKissBankBank platform and lasted a total of 60 days.
Internet users had the choice between several counterparties:

  • A signed and signed photo of the project
  • A canteen in the colours of the project
  • An ENDER OCEAN game session
  • The first fishing net recovered from the bottom of the water: a symbol!

During this period, we collected 26 donations, which allowed us to obtain €18,000 out of an initial target of €15,000!

We thank La Banque Postale, which supported us and elected our EcoDDS partner as the Coup de Coeur project of September 2020, as well as all the contributors!

Today, we will be able to acquire our first floating base (which will be used to temporarily store the waste collected on the T-Moment), and finance the work to improve the solution. 

Here we go, the adventure can begin!!!


19, Avenue Charles et Emile Lestage
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